Group Fitness Boot Camp: Your Prescription to Health!

At DENVER FITNESS BOOT CAMP, our team is focused on helping you during your health and fitness journey. Our fitness programs in Centennial, Colorado, are designed to challenge and inspire you to achieve your fitness goals!

Every day is a new, challenging, organized work-out. We communicate to asure there is a weekly balance of both muscular and cardiovascular strengh and endurance training as well as HITT, plyometrics, agility and core training. 

Spring Loaded Gymnastics Floor Panoramic

Gymnastics Floor

Our one-of-a-kind, spring-loaded gymnastics floor is great for pushing your body to its limits during our fat-burning, body transforming workouts. It works in conjunction with your effort, ratcheting up the intensity as you improve your endurance and overall strength.

Limited Class Sizes

We limit our enrollment in order to better serve our clients. Our team currently can accept 42 more individuals, making signing up today vital for guaranteeing a spot!

Award-Winning Program

By tackling the two main areas in which traditional boot camps fail, our team has developed an exercise program that supports you through every step of the process. Most programs fail by being too hard for newcomers or by not challenging those who have already started down the path to a healthier future enough. This flexibility has earned us recognition as being one of the nation's top weight loss programs by ION's Alive & Well nationally broadcast television program in 2013.

Our Guarantee

Our team will work with you to improve your fitness and help you reach your goals. Whether you strive to lose weight, gain strengh or muscle mass, compete in a race or just want to feel better everyday, we can help, guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the results, we will provide you with a full refund.

Meet Your Trainer!

Meaghan Doherty, MD, CPT

Owner, Medical Doctor and Certified Group Personal Trainer